Sunday, November 27, 2011

Red Velvet

I have one thing to say today... well, 2...

Did you know that Chili's has a super delicious molten chocolate cake? Well, they do. AND did you know that for the holiday season, they have a RED VELVET version? Yep. Sure do. Wow. I can barely contain my excitement. I was too full to indulge while having lunch at Chili's yesterday, but I am anticipating a visit very soon...


2nd quick thought... I am such a sucker for the cheesy holiday movies. Lifetime. Hallmark. USA. TBS. You name it- I love the movies. Right now, since work is done for the weekend, I am having a really hard time deciding between 2 flicks on at the same time. That is my Sunday evening drama.

That is all for today.
May your Cyber Monday be successful tomorrow.

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