Monday, January 2, 2012

Something New

As I stated yesterday, I have decided to try "new things" this year.... Day #2.... Cook a small beef roast and veggies in a crock pot.

Yes, I have cooked a roast in the oven in the past- but I have never tried the crock pot version. People say it's great. Put it in at 10AM.... we will see how it goes at 6 or 7PM tonight. Meat, veggies, some spices and soup for moisture. What could possibly go wrong? We will see. Smells good 3 hours in!

I'm loving this so far.
BTW.. the squash last night was beyond tasty. Sliced, baked, added a little brown sugar. Delightful. Jarrod agreed. Great addition to some lean meat on the grill.

What shall I try next!? Time will tell.
Have a great day!

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