Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Few New Things

Of course, busy, busy, busy this last week.... so, I have to think back to the "new things" I have tried since my last post 1 week ago. Hmmmmm.....

* Paid for a strangers frozen yogurt at the SLC airport to pay if forward immediately after I had a stranger return my lost cash (lots of it!)
* Ate meatloaf off a hot guy's plate at Grub Steakhouse (don't like meatloaf; he said it was good)

* Finally took some sane advice to vent to someone about my frustrations versus holding them in until I was about to explode (and, as expected, did make me feel a little better)

Not much, but I do feel good about that last one. Not so good about the meatloaf (seriously, does meat belong in a loaf!?), but good about the venting. Releases are good.

Maybe one I should try next time: bring a coat to Kansas City when the weather report calls for snow. Ya, sometimes I never learn.
Now, back to the People's Choice Awards.

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