Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pre-Valentine's Day

As I sit on the couch with my coffee and cozy sweats on this lovely Saturday morning, I notice cheesy romantic chick-flicks, one after the other, on Lifetime and Hallmark for Valentine's Day weekend. I chuckle because I have always thought, "I think Valentine's Day is stupid. Just another Hallmark (ironic based on above comment) holiday."

But, I confess, I love the colors & hearts, the feeling of joy the holiday evokes, I do send cards to friends I love, I buy red-and-pink-foiled candy for my candy bowls... I just don't get the hype about having to go out for a romantic dinner or this being the one time you tell someone you love them or buy them jewelry- shouldn't that just be a random thing throughout the year?

Not trying to be cynical and I know love-sick-birds would say I am.... but I am a Birthday and Christmas girl all around. I am not saying I won't acknowledge the fun of Valentine's Day- just don't think it should be the one day of the year when everything else is forgiven and the one day love is pronounced. In my mind, that should be different random days throughout the year so you know it's true and not forced. That is true love, is it not?

With that said, I sure would love some flowers (just not cheesy, cliche red roses!) and maybe some candy :)

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