Friday, December 30, 2011

Yes, Holidays Are Busy

Apparently holidays are really, really busy.... due to the fact that I have not posted for 20 days! Wow. I have been bad. No, not bad, just busy. And full of Christmas spirit.

Let's go back 2 weeks....
I went to Minnesota, between Seattle and Kansas City work trips, and had tons of fun with family and friends to celebrate the holidays:
Friday- Lunch with Fun Amy and dinner with Andi
Saturday- Pizza party with Jen, Family Christmas at the bowling alley, dinner with Shannon & Anita and ending with wine with Sue & Maggie
Sunday- Brunch with Eve & Erica, visit with Grandma, and dinner with the "Flanery Girls" Aunts & Cousins

It was so fun! And so festive. Very lucky to see tons of friends and family the weekend before Christmas. Then off to Kansas City, back to the Bay area for more work, and then 3 and a half days of more holiday hectic fun with the immediate family.

Mom & Dad flew in on Friday afternoon. 3 days with the folks and Jarrod:
Friday- Dinner at Pyramid Brewery followed by the best ice cream around
Saturday- Massage & lunch with Mom, relaxation at home & movies with the family
Sunday- Official holiday of good food, lots of gifts, going to the movies, and ending with a turkey feast.. very nice family day
Monday- Shopping with Mom and ending with dinner in San Jose and the Sharks hockey game with the 4 of us... fun times! Go Sharks!

I was really sad to see Mom & Dad leave on Tuesday, as I was heading to work, but both weekends were fantastic and I still have New Year's Weekend to come. How lucky!? Very.

The spirit of Christmas was all around.... between friends & family time, lots of holiday movies, music in the air, festive moods, and making people happy.... it was a wonderful season. Could not have asked for anything more. Well, maybe more time with Mr Big... but we have more time for that in 2012. I promise.

I hope everyone in blogland had an amazing Christmas holiday. Photos to come soon.
One final..... MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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