Sunday, September 12, 2010

August in Review

It's Sunday morning, 2nd in September, sitting here with a hot mug of coffee, the sun is shining, and I am watching a parade of hot air balloons over the mountains outside my window in Park City. Relaxing weekend. I needed it. Looking at my Facebook posts over the past few days... thinking about 9/11, the recent tragedies that have taken place, etc. Being thankful for what I have. Yep, thinking I am pretty lucky and reminiscing about the great month of August.

What did it hold...

A visit from The Flanery Girls (photos were posted earlier)- great weekend filled with food, drinks and shopping in Walnut Creek- a limo-wine-fun-filled day in Napa- fun in the city with China Town, Union Square, sushi- and crazy times in the Castro. Sue, Kelsey, Maggie and I had an exceptionally great time on the go all weekend long. I love San Fran visitors! Places I recommened: Sosa tapas bar in Walnut Creek, Va Da Vie (always!) also in Walnut Creek, Foot Candy for sassy (yes, expensive too) shoes, and last but not least- Blow Fish sushi in the Mission in San Fran. Great haunts to check out...

The next week I joined the Utah Best Buy folks for an off site in Park City. Now, I know I live here PT, but the event was held at the Waldorf Astoria in The Canyons and it was incredible- so gorgeous. I did not stay there at night- but I did enjoy the amenities, ambiance- oh- and the yummy cocktails at the Spruce Bar :) Every day I enjoy and fall in love with Park City more and more and...

The other 2 highlights were concerts. I have been slack on my concert going trips. One of my major loves in life. Well, August held 2. First up was John Mayer with Dan at Shoreline. Not the hugest John Mayer fan in the world, but his talent is limitless and his jazz skills on the guitar are crazy- especially when he does Stevie Nicks and Paul MCartney covers. 2nd was 1 of my 2 favorites in the world... GOO GOO DOLLS at Concord with Jennifer. LOVED it- as always. I can never get enough of Johnny Rzeznick and his boys. Gets me every time... Let's hope for more live concerts to come. Rumor has it I have someone fun to see in September... Stay tuned.

It was a great month- well, they all are- when you live life to it's fullest and not take for granted what you have to live for. I always tell myself, I love my job and I am very lucky to have it, but I work to LIVE, not live to WORK. Very easy. Be good at it and work hard. Stay true to it people.

What I am very excited about is so many fun times to look forward to for the rest of the calendar year... great events, vacations, and holiday stuff to come! But FIRST, let's be thankful for and enjoy this beautiful Sunday in unbelievable Park City, Utah.

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