Saturday, March 19, 2011

Contradiction of Terms

Is it bizarre that I am watching episodes of shows such as "The Biggest Loser" and "Shedding for the Wedding" (yes, that is an actual show) while I surf the Ben & Jerry's ice cream website for new flavors???

Let's start at the beginning.... well, not the beginning.. but yesterday.

Yesterday I was on the airplane reading about a new Ben & Jerry's flavor created for Jimmy Fallon named "Late Night Snack"- vanilla bean ice cream with chocolate covered potato chips and a caramel swirl. YUM. You either love or hate candy-coated-salty-potato chips... me, I love 'em. The best come from Fanny Farmer or Fanny Mae, but I digress... This ice cream rocks (at least from the title). But as I was at the grocery store today, ironically purchasing fruit, veggies, and lean meat, I checked the freezer isle and no "Late Night Snack" to be found. Oh, they had the standards... Jerry Garcia, Half Baked, Phish Food, etc. No nothing from Mr. Fallon.

So, at home.... heating up the DVR for a Saturday evening relaxing at home and on comes the weight loss reality shows. I can't believe this crazy buck-toothed, open mouthed gal Taylor who is trying to lose weight and win her dream wedding actually, truly believes she consumes less than 600 calories per day and can't understand why she is not losing weight!? Honey, the bagel with eggs and cheese that you ate for breakfast had more than 600 calories alone! Again, I am judging while I log onto the B&J's website. On a side note, what a great site! They even have a Flavor Graveyard for all of the discontinued flavors- that was kinda fun. Check it out.

Well, to my chagrin, "Late Night Snack" is too new... not in any stores yet. Boo hoo. But... something to look forward to, I guess. In the meantime, I will watch more weight loss reality. Wait.... better yet, I will just go back to the gym myself and make it real.

24 Hour Fitness, here I come! Elliptical, bring me some more weight loss so I can bring myself some ice cream later!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Glorious Open Weekends

We all run super busy lives... jobs, houses, kids (well, not me, but I understand...), family, money management, errands, worship, community, drama, entertainment, travel..... Get my drift? Heavy emphasis for me on job and travel of course, but the only thing I am missing is the kids, so everything else listed above keeps me busy and hectic. So... it is wonderful when I find myself with a full weekend with no requirements whatsoever.... just the opportunity to relax and do what I like to do- and that is just what I am doing this weekend.

Let's see what that is:
Friday... Cocktails and movies Friday night at home (in this case, 1 cocktail was plenty- work week was long and tiring, therefore, 1 vodka lemonade did the trick for me to fall into an easy slumber)

* Sleep in
* Workout at the gym (even on relaxation weekends, this is key!)
* See where I am in the Sex & the City DVD rotation (yes, I could watch these 6 seasons and the 2 movies over and over and over again... usually watch the entire series once per year.. love when I can do this with a hot cup of coffee--- that is another key to a great weekend... finding great coffee to brew at home- this time it's from Park City Roaster- the Sundance Blend!
* Get a pedicure (love those massage chairs while reading People magazine while my toes are getting pretty!)
* Run a few (fun, but necessary) errands with a little window shopping thrown in- yesterday I picked up some St Tropez Self Tanner at the fabulous store Splendor in Park City... it's supposed to be the best (at $40 a pop it should be) and it's been on my wish list for awhile now
* And back home for more movies and take-out or homemade dinner (or could be a dinner out once and awhile)- last night was cheap steaks and baked potatoes at home and it was delicious!!! And thankful for Netflix for the evening entertainment.

Well, the day is just starting (hello Day Light Savings time!) and Sundance Blend and SATC are up to bat (just for the record, I started back at Season 1, Disc 1, Episode 1... I just realized I have not watched any yet for 2011, so I am starting again now. Oh the joy of Carrie and the girls in the majestic Manhattan- can never get enough!!!)

And after I have had enough of Samantha and her sexcapades, on the agenda for Sunday...
* Gym again
* 90 minute deep tissue massage at Massage Envy
* And back home for more TV and relaxation on the couch.. PLUS maybe a few phone calls to family and girlfriends, laundry and a little light cleaning (yes, I do actually enjoy a cleaning... maybe it's the fresh lemon scent? come one admit it... you like it too... makes the relaxation pad very comfy)

Sounds perfect- or rather right now it IS perfect and will continue to be for me.
Sleep, exercise with music, good coffee, mindless TV and movies, shopping, cocktails, tasty food, magazines, spa experiences, playing on the Internet (including catching up with friends status on Facebook while on the couch).... Yep, that about does it for me. Nice, huh.

I have another long work week ahead and I am sure other weekends with required "to do" lists, so I am reveling in this time now and awaiting the next one to come... not sure when it will arrive due to other weekend plans on the calendar, but I can guarantee IT WILL!
Do I enjoy my down time? From the mouth of Mr Big (episode 1)---- ABSOFUCKINLUTLEY!!!
Happy weekend to all from blog land.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oscar Fashion!!!

Yep- I become obsessed. Obsessed with the red carpet. Obsessed with the expensive fashion. Obsessed with being catty. 2011 Academy Awards Red Carpet Fashion Show!!!

Nothing super crazy this year. Some good. Some bad. 1 say screamed WOW to me in a good way. 1 that screamed UGH to me in a bad way.

Here are my picks:

Reese Witherspoon (so classic in tuxedo colors and high ponytail)
Natalie Portman (love the maternity prettiness, so cute)
Mila Kunis (va-va-va voom in lavender)
Anne Hathaway (so many to choose from; so little time to see each- sexy little thing is she)

Kate Blanchett (ugh ugh ugh!!! what was that?)
Amy Adams (what was with that necklace with that dress?)
Melissa Leo (was that mirrored gold?)
Scarlett Johanssen (not a fan of lace in general- especially when it is peek-a-boo lace that shows your private bits)
Nicole Kidman (was that a kimono??)

Those who ALWAYS look great.... Helen Mirren, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock & Hillary Swank. Again- classics.
And a newcomer... Jennifer Lawrence- WOW in red! Stunning actually.

The red carpet was a bit more exciting than the awards. Very predictable. Does not mean I am not already excited about next year....